Updated: April 12, 2017

Updated throughout the year, please double check your points and submit any questions, corrections, etc. to Lexie at We will research and get back to you.

The Winter Series standings are posted below.  Winter Series Awards are available for pick up at the race April 15 and 16th.


Current Standings are below.  Please click the link to the repective standings you'd like to review! 

Winter Series Standings

Remember that the Runnin' Hi Classic (aka Finals) will not be counted in the Winter Series but will be in the 2016-2017 Year End Standings.  This was discussed at our memberhip meeting in Aug, 2016

Please check your points!  If you have quesitons or see a mistake, please email Lexie at

Things to keep in mind when viewing standings.

1. Some are 2 pages long, please scroll down.  Most browsers allow you use Ctrl F to search your name.

2.  Members are tracked by Rider and get points on the fastest time of the race if enteing mulitple horses in the same class, unless it was requested on the membership form to be tracked by Horse.  The only exception is the Novice Horse in which points are tracked on the exact Horse and Rider Combination.

3.  Members are awarded participation points even if they did not place.  Participation points are also awarded for hit barrels in the D in which the time would have been.  Broken Patterns or riders who pull up their horse are not awarded any points.

4.  Please do not hesitiate to ask if you have quesitons!  Email Lexie at

PLEASE check your points now.  Winter Series Standings will be open for review until Sunday March 26th.  After that time they will become OFFICIAL and I will not make any changes to them, no exceptions

PLEASE check them now and sumbit any question to Lexie at  I will gladly reserach any questions you might have.  I do make mistakes and I need you to double check me!!  Please note that all quesitons must be submitted via email to prior to March 26th.  We will award Winter Series Prizes on April 1-2nd.  Please plan to attend or make arrangements to have your prizes picked-up.