Please check your points often! We welcome extra sets of eyes!  If you have questions or see a mistake, please email Lexie at

Things to keep in mind when viewing standings.

1. Some are 2 pages long, please scroll down.  Most browsers allow you use Ctrl F to search your name.

2.  Members are tracked by Rider and get points on the fastest time of the race when entering mulitple horses in the same class, unless it was requested on the membership form to be tracked by Horse.  The only exception is the Novice Horse in which points are tracked on the same Horse and Rider combo!

New Standings will be posted the week of October 30, 2017. 


3.  Members are awarded participation points even if they did not place except in the case of a broken pattern or riders who deliberately pull up (slowdown and don't make an honest effort to complete their run).  Participation points are also awarded for hit barrels in the D in which the time would have been. 

4.  Please do not hesitiate to ask if you have quesitons!  Email Lexie at