Northern Circuit
        Kansas, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming
Mile Hi will, once again, have a Northern Circuit thanks to the hard work our Northern Circuit Producers have extended to it. This group of folks is headed up by Deb Beede who has been very VERY instumental in developing the Northern Circuit of Mile Hi.  This circuit consists of events produced in the states of North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Kansas! The Northern Circuit will continue to have its own set of awards. Champion Saddles will be determined at a later date, based on participation and membership!

Events in these states count for points in the Northern Circuit Only.  Our Mile Hi Director, Deb Beede, does an EXCELLENT job of managing this circuit.  To get YOUR event sanctioned, please feel free to contact her direct at: or give her a call at:  308-631-1153  

To secure sanctioning, we simply ask that producers add $1/run to your Open entry fees .... forward these run monies to Mile Hi along with your results.  100 percent of these run monies go towards Northern Circuit Awards ONLY!
To secure your Mile Hi Membership, click on this link: Mile Hi Membership Application
To get your event sacntioned for our Northern Circuit, click on this link.....complete and submit form:  Northern Circuit Sanctioning Form
Northern Circuit  Standings
Members may only win awards in ONE D per class. Awards are distributed based on the D in which they
  the highest set of points and in some cases that may land   them out of the awards, where in another D they perhaps have less points but are in the awards. In the case where members are in several D’s, they win awards in the D with the most points and are dropped from the standings in other D’s and awards are presented to the next member in the standings.
For the Northern Circuit, members are NOT awarded participation points based on hit barrels.  Because we sanction with other producers and are dependent on the results which they forward to us and given that not all producers record what the time "should have been" without the hit barrel, I am unable to accuratly award participation points for "No Times."  Northern Circuit points are awarded on the same sliding scale used for our standard races, but no points are earned on hit barrels/no times.

A few notes about standings....

Please check your points and send any questions or corrections to Lexie at